Shoot Your Alarm Clock
This Fun Alarm Clock Can Do More than Wake You up in the Morning--you Can Use as an Acitivty Too. It Comes with 2 Bonus Games(Reaction tester & Accuracy tester) for Indoor Target Practice Which Is Great for You or Your Kids

Outdoor Telescopic Fishing Rod Lamp

Outdoor Telescopic Fishing Rod Lamp
Take back the night and enjoy the outdoors long after the sun sets by illuminating things with this outdoor telescopic fishing rod lamp. It conveniently connects to any 12V or car battery and can extend up to 12.3 feet into the air.

Leaf Scooper Claws
Are great for those pesky leaves that seem to appear everything you wake up. Keep those leaves in line the fast way. Work smarter, not harder!

His & Hers Key Holders
Never loose your keys again with this great his & hers Keyholder. Know where your eys are before you leave the house. Best Gift Ideas.

Knife Fidget Spinner
This is first of its kind Spinner Knife made with the highest quality in mind. Titanium Handle with Stainless Steel with Brush Finish on the blade. Feel the quality in your hand of the titanium.