Shoot Your Alarm Clock
This Fun Alarm Clock Can Do More than Wake You up in the Morning--you Can Use as an Acitivty Too. It Comes with 2 Bonus Games(Reaction tester & Accuracy tester) for Indoor Target Practice Which Is Great for You or Your Kids

Outdoor Telescopic Fishing Rod Lamp

Outdoor Telescopic Fishing Rod Lamp
Take back the night and enjoy the outdoors long after the sun sets by illuminating things with this outdoor telescopic fishing rod lamp. It conveniently connects to any 12V or car battery and can extend up to 12.3 feet into the air.

Knife Fidget Spinner
This is first of its kind Spinner Knife made with the highest quality in mind. Titanium Handle with Stainless Steel with Brush Finish on the blade. Feel the quality in your hand of the titanium.

Giant Pocket Shirt
Why not have a big pocket on your shirt to carry things around and have a good conversation starter for your friends. WHY? Because why not! :)

Water Purifying Straw
Don’t run the risk of being without clean drinking water when a disaster strikes. This water purifying straw – a.k.a. the LifeStraw – is a revolutionary survival tool that can filter over 250 gallons of water, making practically any water source safe to drink.

Guitar Buddy Learning System
ChordBuddy is the easiest and most effective guitar learning system available! As soon as the ChordBuddy is properly attached to your acoustic or electric guitar, you will be making music!

Pop N’ Go Playpen Portable
Ensure your little rascals are safe and sound by placing them inside the Pop N’ Go portable playpen. This ultra portable playpen is large enough to accommodate multiple kids and features a sturdy fiberglass frame that comes fully assembled so you can set it up in a snap.

Light Up Sports
Three amazing Light Up Sports Balls in one package! Just because the sun has gone down doesn't mean the games have to end.